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Tip Thursday #9

For today's #TipThursday, let's talk about professionalism. 👨‍💼👩‍💼

First impressions are important, especially when interviewing. When I think professional, I think about tone, body language, and image.

Tone: keep it positive, engaged, and upbeat. Having a good tone is everything -- particularly during a phone call and the other two factors aren't relevant. Be conscious of how you sound and smile, even if the other person can't see you. Smiling automatically can make your tone more positive! 😊

Body language: eye contact, handshakes (please make sure to wash them as needed), and posture. Making that eye contact shows you're engaged and are listening. A firm handshake can also leave a strong impression. Finally, keep your posture straight and don't slouch.

Image: dress to impress! When interviewing, you want to dress professionally or at least business casual (heavy emphasis on business). You want to be able to match the image of the company. Don't forget to keep that smile up!

Now it's your turn! Agree or disagree? What does professional mean to you? 👔

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