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Tip Thursday #8

Welcome to #TipThursday! Let's talk about being prepared. 👩‍🏫

Prior to your interview or call, make sure to have taken the time to do your research. The company's website is an excellent first place to start; it's worth exploring the main page, familiarizing yourself with what the company does (such as product/service), and the careers page. The last one in particular will be a wonderful resource of what to expect the company culture to be like.

Another resource is Glassdoor. You'll be able to see reviews and comments from current and former employees, reported pay and benefits, and interview questions others were asked.

Doing your research shows you care about the company and that you're engaged. The same can be said about asking questions during your interview, which is supposed to be a conversation and a two-way street. Asking questions demonstrates that you've listened and are interested in learning more.


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