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Tip Thursday #3

It's time for candidate #TipThursday!

Tone and body language are everything when it comes to interviews and making a good first impression! Whether the conversation is on the phone, video, or in person, your tone and voice will be the biggest focus. Being upbeat and excited when speaking does wonders to show your engagement and passion for the role. Smiling is also very important -- regardless if the person on the line can't see you, they'll be able to hear the smile in your voice.

When in-person, be sure to make eye contact, smile, and have good posture. Be engaged. Dress to impress and don't do anything that may be possibly considered as rude or unprofessional such as chewing gum during the interview. Be prepared to do a firm handshake before and after the interview. Making this good impression with positivity can make all the difference in whether you get moved to the next step in the process.

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