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Results With Tracy Review

Okay, so I've been doing a lot of reviews lately -- we are now three for three! This time, I want to talk about the amazing experience that I have had with Tracy Galmidi over the last couple of months.

I found out about Tracy from Marlene Mc'Cohen (one of my favorite YouTubers -- she is an educational advocate for parrots and well-known for her tagline #engagednotcaged). Tracy appeared in Marlene's videos here and there, and I had no idea that Tracy offered services as a yoga certified, weight loss coach! I was blown away by this, and decided to fill out the contact form from her Instagram @resultswithtracy. I was still using Noom's logging here and there, but I had come to a plateau and was looking for some renewed motivation on how to get back in track.

Tracy reached out quickly and asked if I wanted to schedule a 30-minute consultation for $25 to get to know me, my goals, and understand what I have tried -- among plenty of other things, such as what has worked, what didn't work, and more. This happened over a video call, and let me tell you -- Tracy is one of the most bubbly and excited people I know! Her energy can really lift you up and get you engaged into your weight loss journey with a renewed sense of determination.

After asking me all of her questions about my lifestyle and what I was looking for, Tracy offered a few options for plans: one for just a food plan and the other that had both a food plan and exercise plan. I opted for the second option, as I wanted to have some responsibility for getting in shape. The fee for the consultation rolls into the first month's payment as well, so I signed up for the month.

The next week, Tracy emailed me a message with several PDFs that were a guideline for getting started and an extensive list for groceries and recipes. The recipes were broken down into categories of breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and drinks. I printed them all out and hung them up on my refrigerator. I absolutely loved many of them, and will continue to make them since they're relatively quick and simple even when not actively on the plan -- my favorites that I received are the Strawberry Summer Salad and Happy Healthy Quesadillas. I also enjoyed the shortbread cookies. These were great, since I am not a cook and I don't like spending a lot of time in the kitchen. For the next month, Tracy also asked me what kind of food I'd like to eat and she researched some new recipes that she provided.

Besides the recipes, she also provided a playlist of exercise videos in YouTube to follow, along with a Google calendar. This calendar showed what days you would exercise with a link to the specific video, and included rest days. When I mentioned to Tracy that I was having trouble with the level of some of them, she made another playlist that was a little more relaxed and my speed.

Beyond the food and exercise plan, Tracy is extremely responsive and supportive! She often texts back very quickly and will provide support by sharing Facebook and Instagram posts if you don't have access to either. These might include videos, tips, and recipes. One time, I even messaged her asking to take a look at salad options from a restaurant that I was going to later and asked what would be acceptable. She actually took the time to review it and gave me very detailed information on how I could eat out and still stick to the plan without "cheating." This was really incredible to me. The plan also included three 30-minute video meetings when we could to talk progress and any other questions I had.

Tracy asked for my weight and measurements weekly. I actually liked this a lot better than just weight, as my weight would change and go up occasionally due to bloating and/or water intake, but my measurements would have gone down. It was nice to take a step back and look at various data points rather than just the number on the scale.

So, for the results! I actually lost almost eight whole pounds in one week. This was a combination between bloat from what I had previously been eating, the new diet and healthier foods I was eating, and exercise. It was actually amazing, and of course my progress slowed after that (due to a variety of reasons, some of them being eating cheat meals). Please keep in mind that this was due to my personal circumstances and such a high number in a short time frame is not necessarily normal. Overall, I felt good about making better healthy choices for my body, both in what I ate and how I exercised.

I ultimately ended up drifting away from the plan as my job changed from remote to in-person, and going through some difficult times. I hope to return soon. If I had stuck to Tracy's plan more than I have over this most recent month though, I think I would be doing quite well and feeling good about myself.

All in all, I 100% recommend Results with Tracy! She is a fantastic coach who is really invested in her clients, and will do whatever she can to help you along the way. I love her approach and her high energy really makes you want to do your best and give it your all. Go see what's possible and sign up for a consultation today -- you got this!

P.S.: if you choose to sign up because of my review, please mention my name, Chelsea, to Tracy -- I would super appreciate it! :)

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