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The dump is overflowing with what some animals might consider trash; broken toys, half-eaten food, and physically imperfect household items have all been discarded by others who those deem they no longer have their use.

For Ignacio and his son, Rafael, it’s home. There are many objects to be found in this wonderful place that can no longer be bought, or they still have their uses and their time is not calling yet. There are repurposed items for entertainment, leftovers, and perfectly working household tools that can be used to fix up their den.

As the two of them dig through the pile, Rafael excitedly pokes his head out of the pile. He’s triumphantly wielding a toy sword that has a deep scratch and a few chips on its edging, but overall in good shape.

“Good find, kiddo!” Ignacio cheers with a clap. “You’ve been looking for something like that, right?”

“Yeah!” Rafael mimes fighting off bad guys from his cartoon shows that he obsessively watches every Saturday morning. He lowers it after a few stabs to the air which Ignacio is sure are critical hits, seemingly perplexed. “Dad?”

“Yes, Raf?”

“Why do all the other animals throw this stuff away? It seems perfectly fine to me.”

Ignacio chuckles as he sorts through the mountain of tossed away items that he’s perched on. “That’s a good question. What kind of animal are we again?”

“Raccoons!” His son proudly proclaims, waving his newfound sword.

“That’s right! And we raccoons have a saying: ‘one’s rubbish is another’s gold.’” Rafael looks both curious and confused by the statement, and Ignacio grins at him. “Basically, what might be considered ‘trash’ and no longer valuable by some can still be useful and cool for someone else!”

“Ohhh! Yeah, that makes sense!” Rafael fervently nods, eyes lighting up with understanding. “I don’t know how anyone could’ve throw this sword away! It’s super cool!”

“Exactly,” Ignacio gives his son a thumbs up, and resumes his searching. They could use a new cast iron skillet to cook with and he just finished reading Crime and Punishment, so it’s about time for a new book – speak of the Devil, a copy of Pride and Prejudice!

A great find and it’s only the beginning of the night.


written for day 8 of the literal challenge's like the prose event.

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