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Pleasant Lake

Pleasant Lake in New Hampshire has a unique history that few know about, except for the local residents. They say that this is the first lake in New Hampshire that the revolutionaries decided to swim in. The view is phenomenal and is reminiscent of a lush, green valley full of life and nature untouched by man. The clean air is refreshing to breathe in and cleansing to the soul, and it was a prime location to be the first lake that the newcomers to the New World bathed in. They did so to purify themselves from being English and now proud Americans, as an initiation ritual.

Lesser known is that the rebels would gather mussel clams from the ocean and would trek far and wide with them in hand to bring them to this lake as a part of the ritual. This is why there are so many mussels now in Pleasant Lake, where they continued to reproduce at a rapid pace. The mussel would be taken as an offering prior to the cleansing, and the start of the ritual would begin with attempting to skip it across the lake’s surface for as many skips that the thrower could possibly go. The apparent record is twenty-one skips to this day from a man named John Smith, although some say it’s an old wives’ tale.

In modern times, the locals enjoy swimming in the less than pristine water during the intense summer heat. Nature has filled up the lake with leaves, sticks, and rocks that embellish the sandy floor. There are, of course, mussels among the debris and fish that languidly swim.

The history of the lake is seldom known to visitors, save for the few who strike up conversation with the locals. It will be passed down from generation to generation for the locals to remember.


written for day 21 of the literal challenge's like the prose event.

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