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in times of a pandemic

in times of a pandemic where people can't freely venture from their homes in the land of the free, don scarce masks while buying groceries, and social distancing means celebrating easter by keeping six feet from your mom, dad, sister, and brother with your dog sprinting back and forth between you, hopelessness is to be expected.

in times of a pandemic where business is slowed or lifeless for a majority of companies, everything has changed. for the employees suddenly working from their sofas or makeshift desks, their children and pets running and barking in the background of calls, the future of work is uncertain. for the jobseekers who are desperately applying and praying for an interview to prove themselves to others are rejected, over and over again and hopelessness reigns.

in times of a pandemic where decisions are questioned, education is grasping to keep itself together. graduation is pending cancellation, jobs out of school have become rare, and virtual calls for classes have become the norm. what will happen next? hopelessness holds me tight.

in times of a pandemic where the end is nowhere in sight, i take a walk in a quiet neighborhood. there are few cars rumbling on the road and the crosswalk button needs not to be pressed. the absence of motors is eerie in a normally bustling road. hopelessness lingers, faintly calling my name in the distance.

in times of a pandemic where the world steels its resolve to overcome this hardship together, humanity moves forward.


written for humanity forward's creative arts expo.

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