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Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there — but especially to my mom, Kim Paige, who is supportive, determined, and one of the strongest women I know.

Throughout the trial and tribulations of my life, she has been there the whole way: from depression, to dropping out of college, buying a mobile home, selling the same mobile home, encouraging me to reach out to my biological mother, and the idea of switching my major to creative writing.

She believes in giving experiences and has supported my pursuits and interests, even when I simply mentioned it off-hand. She's encouraged piano, guitar, and singing lessons, went to all of my theater shows throughout school, and provided me the opportunity to try about every single sport out there. She loves that I'm part of a local improv troupe and sends me other opportunities that remind her of me when she sees them.

She's taught me the importance of being financially responsible, especially through bargains and sales. We often shopped at the local thrift store while I was growing up, teaching me the resources our community has to offer us and the amazing things that you can find at second-hand stores. She's also an eBay extraordinaire and I've found many wonderful deals on there because of her professional eBay seller skills.

She always cooks — almost every single day. It amazes me, as I can't even cook a meal once a month. Her homemade mac 'n' cheese is probably my favorite. She loves to exercise and always invites me to go on walks with her, while also finding other wellness opportunities out in the community; now, they're over Zoom given the current global situation, but the sentiment remains.

She loves her family. She supports everyone and their interests, while caring for all of them. She takes care of my dog and loves her as much as I do. She does whatever she can to help her siblings, uncle, and other family members too. Her love for others knows no bounds.

I've learned so much from my mom. No matter what happens, she's there for me and I can talk to her about anything.

Love you, Mom. Happy Mother's Day!

P.S.: Happy Anniversary to you and Dad tomorrow on May 11th. Twenty-nine years -- here's to many more!

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