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Cosmic Love (Act III)

They arrive at the Hen’s Egg a half an hour early at Stella’s insistence. She had wanted time to mull over her decision and now that she’s sitting here with Luna (thankfully in proper and very stylish clothing – Stella doesn’t remember having that outfit in her wardrobe) in public, she’ll admit she’s warmed up to the idea. She’s always admired people who were comfortable being with who they loved out in the open and didn’t care what the world thought.

She looks over at Luna who’s sitting to her left, to find her studying her. The demon looks like a model in those black booty shorts, a white graphic tee that says Badass Babes Club and a leather studded biking jacket. To top it all off, she’s wearing a matching black pleather cap with the same silver studs. The outfit is straight out of an angsty teen version of Vogue, but Luna somehow makes it work and looks ready to kick ass.

Stella, in comparison, had opted for a sundress with shades of blue and pink blossoms adorning the fabric. It’s airy, light, and she feels underdressed in comparison to her fake model-looking girlfriend.

“What is it? Do I have something on my face?” Stella asks, suddenly cognizant of Luna’s lilting gaze.

“Yup, pure adorableness all over it,” Luna grins, and leans in to give her a kiss.

Stella freezes. They’re in public, they’re kissing, and she knows how much other people hate PDA. But it feels even uglier because they’re both women.

As Luna withdraws, Stella takes a deep breath. Go away, internalized homophobia.

“It’s hard to be fake dating when only one person is committed,” Luna observes, examining her nails. Her voice has the slightest hint of annoyance through the honeyed voice and Stella gives herself an internal slap to the face.

“You’re right, I’m sorry,” she breathes in deeply with a renewed sense of determination and gives her a quick peck on the cheek to show her commitment to the ruse she had asked her to participate in. “Forgive me… babe?”

A wide smile spreads on Luna’s beautiful face, and Stella can’t help but think of how lucky she is to have her as her pretend girlfriend. Even if she is a succubus and had to promise her a meal to get here. “Of course I forgive you, sweetheart. You’re too cute not to.”

Stella is pretty sure other people are staring at them, but she can’t be bothered.

About fifteen minutes later, Gwyn and Dale walk through the door. Stella grabs Luna’s hand, who squeezes it, almost lovingly. Her acting skills are through the roof and it makes it all the more convincing.

Trying to suppress any regret, Stella waves at them. “Gwyn, over here!”

Gwyn looks over and starts to wave back before she notices Luna. Her smile falters and she looks a bit confused. Okay. Not the best start.

“Hey Stella,” she says, taking a seat across from her. Dale sits next to her, offering a nod. “Is this your friend? What about your boyfriend?”

“Um, so about that,” Stella begins, clearing her throat. Sweat starts to roll down her brow and Luna gives her another reassuring squeeze. “I’m sorry I lied. I don’t have a boyfriend. This is my girlfriend, Luna. I wasn’t sure about coming out and panicked before.”

Gwyn raises both her brows, seemingly taken aback and a tiny bit offended, although it passes quickly and she settles into a more relaxed pose. She can do this. “Oh? Well, thanks for telling me. Nice to meet you, Luna, and this is Dale.”

“Hi,” says Dale, and resumes his looking at the menu.

“Likewise, Stella has told me so much about you!” Luna says, giving her a cute wave. Interesting that she went for the peppy personality, considering her outfit, but Luna will roll with it.

“Really?” Gwyn seems touched. “We go way back, we went to high school together! Did she tell you about the time we went skinny dipping after graduation?”

“No, not about that,” Luna looks over at Stella, who covers her face.

“Gwyn! Why do you always bring up that story?” Stella complains, shame rising in her chest. “She dared me and I dared her back.”

“Oh, perhaps we’ll have to go do that soon,” says Luna, and Gwyn giggles. That’s a good sign that they’re getting along.

“Let’s just order our food,” Stella mumbles and Dale makes a noise of agreement. At least Dale has her back.

After they get their food, Gwyn begins her interrogation and Luna expertly answers all of the questions while Stella just nods along. Luna is a great liar, but Stella supposes it’s part of the nature of being a demon.

“So, where did you two meet? How long have you been dating?” Gwyn asks, taking a sip of her diet coke.

“Blood donation drive about a month ago,” Luna says, sipper her own iced tea with extra lemons. A blood drive is an interesting way to go, but Stella supposes it’s fair enough considering the blood was necessary to summon her.

“I didn’t know you donated blood!” Gwyn exclaims, wrinkling her nose at the idea of giving her own blood away.

“It was my first time,” Stella lies, which is technically true.

“And who asked who out?”

“Stella did,” Luna swoons, giving Stella that gorgeous smile that belongs to models and celebrities.

“Wow, that’s surprising! I thought you were too shy to ask anyone out,” Gwyn says, leaning in and she’s not wrong.

“I guess I felt like I had to ask or I’d never see her again,” says Stella, picking through her salad.

“Dale did the same thing!” Gwyn excitedly squeals, and it looks like she’s remembered the existence of her boyfriend that she can’t stop being lovey-dovey with. It’s impressive that she even forgot for this long.

“I sure did,” Dale agrees, and they start making out. It’s a little gross and this is the aggressive PDA that Stella thinks people have a problem with.

“Should we try and compete with them?” Luna whispers in her ear, and Stella’s ears turn red.

“No, definitely not,” Stella harshly whispers back.

“You’re no fun,” Luna complains, but doesn’t push and Stella is grateful.

They finish eating their food and they’re saying their goodbyes. Gwyn gives Stella a hug first, then gives Luna an even bigger hug.

“You’re super cool and it was great getting to know you, Luna! You better treat Stella right,” she says, and she smiles but it’s almost menacingly protective. “Or else.”

Stella almost wants to let Gwyn know that she’s threatening a demon, but she keeps her mouth shut. Luna smirks as if accepting a direct challenge. “Oh, don’t worry. I will.”

They wave one last time and go their separate ways. As they’re walking back to the car, they’re still holding hands.

“We can stop holding hands now,” Stella says, a little shy and not wanting it to end.

“Nah,” Luna shrugs as she hums, “I’m good.”

Stella doesn’t argue, because it’s nice. Even if she has to keep reminding herself that this person isn’t her actual girlfriend, let alone an actual person at all.

As they get into the car, Luna gives her a hungry look and a seductive smile. “Don’t forget your side of the deal.”

“Don’t worry,” Stella says, “I didn’t.”


written for day 12 of the literal challenge's like the prose event.

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