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Cosmic Love (Act II)

After an uncomfortable evening of sleeping in the same bed upon Luna’s somehow convincing insistence, Stella wakes up to find herself being spooned by the succubus who’s still sleeping. She vaguely remembers a lot of fingers running along her back and touching in other places that she didn’t necessarily mind, but still was not exactly expected.

Stella gently moves Luna’s arm that was curled around her waist and decides it’s best to get ready for the day. The double date is for noon at a local café and it’s about 9 AM now. She needs to take a shower to do her hair. There’s nothing like fresh shampoo and conditioner to make her feel like a new woman.

As she turns on the water and feels it to make sure it’s a comfortable temperature, she reviews her plans for the day. Her friend, Gwyn, and her boyfriend, Dale, will be meeting them at The Hen’s Nest at 12 PM. Gwyn had been so pushy about getting Stella a significant other for the last several months to a weirdly unhealthy obsession, that she had gotten to the point where she just blurted out a lie that she was dating someone. Problem is, she had said it was a guy.

Two possible solutions: one, she asks Luna if she can transform into a guy. She’s a demon, Stella reasons, so it shouldn’t be out of the question. Two, she can use the excuse she was nervous about being open about her sexuality in public and was used to saying boyfriend instead of girlfriend. Stella is bisexual, but never felt the need to share with others. Either or would be valid outcomes.

She’s in the shower now, and the shampoo feels great in her hair. When completely wet, her wavy black hair reached to about her hips now. It’s about time for a haircut.

“Well, hello there,” a familiar and sensual voice purrs in her ear, and the same arms she just untangled herself from are here again.

“Luna! What are you doing?” Stella squeaks. She resists the urge to squirm and covers herself out of habit.

“Just getting a little snack,” Luna giggles, kissing the nape of Stella’s neck.

“I’d really prefer you didn’t,” Stella says, but the touch does admittedly feel nice. She’s been a bit lonely and wouldn’t have completely shunned Gwyn’s insistence that she gets a boyfriend if she hadn’t been doing it “her” way.

“Mmhmm,” Luna hums, not really listening.

“I gotta finish taking this shower so we can be ready to go for the double date. Can you please give me some space?” It’s a half-hearted and last-ditch effort.

“Why not save some water and shower together?” She counters, and Stella finds herself again astonished.

“I didn’t realize demons cared about the environment.”

“Hey, Hell reflects what’s going on with Earth, you know. And trust me, global warming has not been treating us nicely.”

“Interesting,” Stella says, and continues to do her hair as if she doesn’t have a succubus clinging to her. “If you want to do your hair too, go for it.”

“Human products are… something,” Luna simply says, not quite looking down on it, but not exactly a fan. “They smell nice, at least.”

“Right, well, anyways,” Stella says, changing the topic. “For today, we’ll be meeting my friend Gwyn and her boyfriend Dale. They’ve been together for about a year now, and she wouldn’t stop nagging me about getting a boyfriend of my own because she’s so in love.”

“Uh huh.”

“So, I finally told her I was secretly dating someone,” she pauses. “And here’s the thing. I said it was a guy.”

“Oh?” Stella can practically hear the eyebrow raise. “How interesting.”

“And I was wondering if you could transform into a dude.” She quickly says, barely over the noise of the water.

Luna snorts, and somehow, it’s still an attractive noise. “Really, sweetheart?”

“What, you can’t?” Stella asks, almost defensively.

“I can,” she slowly says, as if considering her words. “If you really want me to. But don’t you want people to see you for who you are?”

“I’m not sure what you mean.”

“Well, you’re not straight, right? I mean, you knew what a succubus is and still accepted and seem to be attracted to me, so that’s for sure.” Luna states, very matter of fact.

“Wow, you really know a lot of stuff about humans and the Earth, huh? Sexuality even?” Stella asks, not exactly wanting to answer the question. She wonders how many more times she’ll be amazed by the demon’s knowledge of her world and her apparent morals.

“Don’t avoid the topic, honey,” Luna reprimands, tracing a heart on Stella’s back and she shivers.

“I never felt like it was something the world needed to know,” Stella confesses with a sigh. If she’s going to tell anyone this, it might as well be a demon she’s contracted with. Perhaps even more sadly, this demon seems like she actually cares. While Mai knows, that’s about it and her life. If she had to choose between people knowing and not knowing, she’d prefer the latter to be out of the spotlight. “I just thought it would be easier.”

“It’s up to you if you want them to see who you are,” Luna whispers, nibbling on Stella’s ear. Just what is her obsession with ears?

“I’ll think about it,” Stella says, and leaves it at that.


written for day 11 of the literal challenge's like the prose event.

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