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Today, I left my phone in my car. It wasn’t too bad outside; hot but it could’ve been worse. I went to grab it and later went out again to get some Vietnamese and Cambodian food. The sauce was interesting, but I couldn’t figure out what flavor it was. Sweet and sour? No. It remained a mystery.

To hydrate myself, I drank some Brisk lemonade. It’s too sweet for me, but upon checking the nutrition facts, it’s lesser than what I expected: eleven grams of sugar per serving.

Although it’s a quiet day and I’m not a fan of mathematics, I enjoy a bit of math. If you have zero percent of a dog when you leave and return with twenty percent more of a dog, does that not mean that you must have originally had five other dogs? Or, that you are, in fact, the equivalent of five dogs on your own. Percentages became my specialty after a visit with my vet who told me my dog gained 100% of her weight (read: her weight doubled). It’s enough to make my head spin but remains in my mind long after the fact. This is the helpful math in everyday situations, even if this is an unusual one.

A second person stares at me blankly, scoffing at my math. I believe, for once, that I am right and will take it to the grave.

At the end of the day, I’m tired; but I repeat what I hear and what I read, for I have learned.


written for day 25 of the literal challenge's like the prose event.

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