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In the season of marriage, the symphony of the stars shines upon the grand expanse of the Earth. Far above the world but still in the greater being that is our Universe, they sing praise to a being that is powerful and omnipotent. With each note, they twinkle in the distance to signal their approval of its existence.

While the Sun joins in the chorus, brightly illuminating the Earth in its cerulean and viridian glory, the Moon remains silent and instead moves the waves of the oceans below. It pulls the body of water with magnificent strength, drawing it closer and pushing it away all in the same fluid movement; its charisma charms the sea and seduces it with the promise of an unfulfilled love.

June brings with it two thirds of spring and the remaining third is summer, its unrelenting heat living up to its name. The green is vibrant in sharp blades of grass, while the Sun belts out its song and turns up its volume in anticipation of the full blast of the humid season.

Yet it’s only this way for half of the world. This unique experience is reverse for the hemisphere in the south, where the cold thrives and spreads its icy touch until it can’t be stood any longer. A blanket of white mutes the bright shades of cerulean and viridian, silencing the song of the stars.

It’s quiet.


written for day 18 of the literal challenge's like the prose event.

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