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It’s said that there used to be twenty-six characters in the American spoken word.

Now, there’s just twenty-five. Sometimes, you wonder what the twenty-sixth one was, yet you can’t imagine what it might’ve been. Each character has its purpose to evoke exciting imagery in a person’s mind through the art of communication.

“Hey, Vivian,” you say, peeking up from your mug of decaf coffee with two cream and three sugars.

“Hm?” She makes a vague noise of interest, buried in her smartphone’s Twitter notifications. “What is it, Bonbon?”

“Have you heard that there used to be twenty-six characters in American?”

Vivian raises an eyebrow, putting her phone down as she takes a sip of her mocha. “No, I don’t think I have. That’d be a better question for your writing group, yeah?”

“I guess so,” you hum, curiosity not satiated today. “Maybe Professor Juniper knows. She’s an expert on everything American, anyways.”

“I’m sure she’d enjoy hearing it. Considering we never have questions, that’s a good change of pace,” your friend snickers, “we don’t want her master’s degree to be a waste.”


“Anyways,” Vivian’s brown eyes shine, and the tone of her voice shifts to something gossipy, “did you hear that Chad is getting a new car? He just got one six months ago and he’s bored of it now!”

You resist the urge to groan. It’s hard to care about a guy who doesn’t shut up about how much money his daddy has 24/7, but you need to be a supportive friend too and give a teasing grin. “Nope, but wow.” you know what she wants to hear, so you go for it. “Did he ask you out yet?”

There’s an immediate change in the air and Vivian puts her head down, pseudo depressed. “No, not yet. We’ve been going back and forth every night, though! There’s no way that he’s not interested in me!”

“I know, I know,” you pat her head, reassuring. “You’re a sexy, confident, and smart woman. Of course he can’t resist.”

“Right?!” She cries, and her hair is getting in her petite treat that she ordered with her drink. You choose not to say anything about it; somethings are better unsaid. “Why are men so stupid?”

“Why don’t you say you’re interested outright?” You suggest for the fiftieth time, but you’re sure this is going to be dismissed again. “That way, you can know for sure and not waste your time.”

“Urghhhhhhh,” is the dignified response, and you resist the urge to tap your fingers with impatience.

Vivian,” you say with the sternest voice that you can muster.

“I don’t wanna! What if he rejects me?” Vivian whines, and you wonder how she’s made it this far with her attitude.

“It’s a risk that you might have to take. You have to remember that Chad is a person with his own emotions, too.” And you know that she understands your point by the way she sits up, pouting.

“Okay, okay…”

You check your watch. It’s about time to get going, you have some chores you need to take care of. Even though it’s nice to spend time with friends, it’s not easy having to be a supportive babysitter and the voice of reason every single time. Besides, you’d rather get back to pondering the mystery of the rumored twenty-sixth character.

“It’s time for me to go, Viv, but thanks for hanging out and the coffee,” you take one more sip of your drink to finish it off, and gather your napkin and mug to bring it up.

“Aww, okay,” she raises her head, seeming a bit more positive. “Thanks for keeping me company and hearing me out, Bonbon.”

“No prob,” you give her a wink, and grab your bag. “See ya and make sure to keep me updated on how it goes with Chad.”

Vivian sighs and you wave goodbye. Time to go do some research.


written for day 7 of the literal challenge's like the prose event.

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